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Version history:
Version 0.1.0
TreeView and DirectoryList
Opening directories 'Activated' in DirectoryList
Opening files 'Activated' in DirectoryList using SciTE
Creating files and directories
Delete files
Recursive folder delete
Basic settings system
Version 0.2.0
Show hidden UI
Remove deleted directories
Add hidden directories when opened
Permissions column
Save column widths
Persona: Get user name & group
Options dialog
Trace flags
Permissions checks on DirectoryTree
Execute binaries
Load text files in SciTE
Version 0.3.0
Added FileTypesManager back end
Check for all types of files
Moved responsability for decriptions from DirectoryView
Launch files with favourite app, or exes directly
Permissions checks
Open file
Version 0.4.0
Plus/minus buttons on TreeView
Add directories when created
Adjust if the “Show hidden” option is changed
Resolved Bug: Crash when deleting files
Version 0.5
Version 0.5.0 - File Images
Separate DirectoryTree's image list
DirectoryList: Icons
1.Add an image list
2.Get icons from wxFileTypes
3.Map file types to image list entries with a hash
DirectoryList: Rename files and directories
DirectoryView: Shift- and Ctrl-selection
Version 0.5.1 - Themes
ThemeHandler class:
ThemeHandler base class
Initial implementation is FileThemeHandler
Load images
Resolved Bug: DirectoryView shows root contents before initial path is set
Idle handler detail addition
Virtual items
Rejected: DirectoryEntry: Use a subclass in DirectoryView – DirectoryTree uses simpler base class, DirectoryView has caching
Handle links:
Get destination
Show correct icon: File/directory/broken
Create ad hoc link icons based on destination.
Draw link symbol
Version 0.6 - Modifications
Version 0.6.0 - Waste::Bin
C++ style: Exceptions
Created Exception base class
Implement Waste::Bin using SQLite
0.6.2 Undo stack
0.6.3 Undo/Redo actions
0.6.4 Path in SherpaFrame caption
0.6.5 Path text edit
0.6.6 Developer INSTALL instructions
0.6.7 Doxygen generation system
0.6.8 Copyright, license, version Copyright and license message in all files Version
0.6.9 g++ Precompiled headers
-------------------- Start a bugzilla online Change license to BSD Man page + info page Doxy docs online Register with Sourceforge Dependencies check/download/install script
0.7 "Alpha stage" - Sourceforge
0.7.4 Proper permissions checking (Bug #1)
0.7.5 Move sh* classes to Sherpa namespaces (Sherpa::Event::) (Bug #2)
0.7.7 Wastebin view (Bugs #4, 5)
0.7.8 Drag'n'drop (Bug #6), Cut'n'Paste (Bug #7)
0.7.9 DirectoryView columns
0.8 "Usable stage"
0.8.4 About dialog Property pages: Set permissions Property pages: Works for groups of files and directories (recursively)
0.8.5 Property pages
0.8.6 OS file modification hook
0.8.7 Toolbar (Static) Find view
0.8.8 Find
0.8.9 MIME editing
0.9 "Beta stage"
0.9.9 Install system and user install instructions
1.0 "Release"
1.0.6 Path autocompletion
1.0.7 Toolbar modification
1.0.8 Other layouts
1.0.9 Favourites
1.1 "Friendly"
1.1.9 Multilanguage
1.2 "Traveller"