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-#Use Twitter Bootstrap in your WordPress plugins
+##Use Twitter Bootstrap in your WordPress plugins
This namespaced version of [Twitter Bootstrap]( specifically for using
in the development of awesome User Interfaces for WordPress plugins. The toolkit gives you access to the
@@ -26,11 +26,11 @@ Wrap the UI you want to style with Twitter Bootstrap in a namespaced container,
<!-- Twitter Bootstrap styles are applied here -->
-#How did we do this?
+##How did we do this?
With the power of [less]( Twitter Bootstrap makes use of less in its stylesheets. We simply prefixed Twitter's styles with `.wp_bootstrap`.
-#Build bootstrap for WordPress
+##Build bootstrap for WordPress
We have included a makefile with convenience methods for working with the Bootstrap library.
@@ -42,4 +42,8 @@ Runs the LESS compiler to rebuild the `/less` files and compiles the docs pages.
This is a convenience method for watching just Less files and automatically building them whenever you save.
Requires the Watchr gem.
+##About the Developers
+Twitter Bootstrap for WordPress was forged by [Joey Blake](
+for [Fat Panda]( But it wouldn't have been possible without the awesome
+work by the Twitter guys who made [Twitter Bootstrap](

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