The game of Checkers, supporting single player with different difficulties, two player, and an online game with full hosting and chat support.


Play Checkers with multiple levels of difficulty, with another player, or over the net, which features a fully functional in-game chat. The game is fully customizable and you can even select your own piece images.


Checkers Screenshot 1

The game.

Checkers Screenshot 2

It starts. Player against computer.

Checkers Screenshot 3

Player is winning!

Checkers Screenshot 4

The New Game dialog with custom pieces.

Checkers Screenshot 5

Setting up a network game on the New Game dialog.

Checkers Screenshot 6

Player vs computer with custom pieces!

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Implementation Details

The project's solution is partitioned into three Visual Studio (2008) solution file projects.

  1. Checkers.Framework -- A fully functional and modular Checkers game API
  2. Checkers.UI -- A customizable user control based on Checkers.Framework
  3. Checkers -- The application EXE with all the extra bells and whistles

These modular assemblies can easily be dropped into other projects.