Revert #2 when GitHub fixes relative Readme URLs #5

joeyespo opened this Issue Dec 20, 2012 · 1 comment

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Pull #2 allows the examples to be linked when browsing on GitHub.

The problem is when you view the page on any other system outside of GitHub or when viewing the Readme directly, the relative URL is wrong. Using an absolute URL would be just as wrong since it would take you back here instead of its own relative example.

The request was pulled because the most common place the examples will be viewed is while browsing. When GitHub fixes relative Readme URLs, it should be reverted.

Relevant: github/markup#101, though the issue is in the wrong place.


Fixed with a23edb8 now that github/markup#101 has been resolved.

Thank you GitHub!

@joeyespo joeyespo closed this Feb 1, 2013
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