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Implements a back-end server in Python for Impactjs that lets you develop multiple games at once. There's also a basic UI for browsing your games, creating new ones, and adding assets to your project.
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Implements a back-end server in Python for impactjs. This server also manages your games without any external dependencies or additional file manipulation.

To start, copy your Impact library into the 'impact' directory and run

What this gives you

  • You can work on multiple games without moving any directories around
  • Add your games to source control without the risk of accidentally checking in the Impact lib (this works because you copy Impact into the 'impact' directory, while your games are located in the 'games' directory; the project wires it all together)
  • Run a server from any directory, since there's no installation or predefined paths
  • Bake and deploy with the click of an in-browser button
  • Create new games and scaffolds from within the browser

Note that both the 'Impact' and 'games' directory are in .gitignore. This will keep any accidental checkins of your games and Impact to Py-Impactjs.



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