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The default keyboard assignment

This page presents the default keyboard assignment. You can fully customize the controls in the Customize controls page in the main menu.

Without keyboard modifiers


Driving controls (blue)

Control Default key Effect
REVERSER_FORWARD F Moves reverser forward by one notch
REVERSER_BACKWARD V Moves reverser backward by one notch
POWER_INCREASE Z Increases power by one notch for trains with two handles
POWER_DECREASE A Decreases power by one notch for trains with two handles
BRAKE_DECREASE Comma Decreases brake by one notch for trains with two handles
BRAKE_INCREASE Period Increases brake by one notch for trains with two handles
BRAKE_EMERGENCY Slash Activates emergency brakes for trains with two handles
SINGLE_POWER Z Moves handle toward power by one notch for trains with one handle
SINGLE_NEUTRAL A Moves handle toward neutral by one notch for trains with one handle
SINGLE_BRAKE Q Moves handle toward brake by one notch for trains with one handle
SINGLE_EMERGENCY 1 Activates emergency brake for trains with one handle
DOORS_LEFT F5 Opens or closes the left doors
DOORS_RIGHT F6 Opens or closes the right doors
HORN_PRIMARY Return Plays the primary horn
HORN_PRIMARY Keypad Enter Plays the primary horn
HORN_SECONDARY Keypad Plus Plays the secondary horn
HORN_MUSIC Keypad Minus Plays or stops the music horn
DEVICE_CONSTSPEED Backspace Activates or deactivates the constant speed device

Safety systems (yellow)

There are two kinds of safety systems: The built-in systems, which are ATS-SN, ATS-P and ATC, and custom plugins. The meaning of the keys for the built-in systems are stated below. For custom plugins, you need to consult the documentation for the respective train.

Control Default key Effect Built-in safety system behavior
SECURITY_S Space The S function Cancels the ATS alarm
SECURITY_A1 Insert The A1 function Cancels the ATS chime
SECURITY_A2 Del The A2 function Cancels the EB device
SECURITY_B1 Home The B1 function Resets ATS-P
SECURITY_B2 End The B2 function Aquires a brake release for ATS-P
SECURITY_C1 Page up The C1 function Switches to ATS
SECURITY_C2 Page down The C2 function Switches to ATC
SECURITY_D 2 The D function Enables the safety systems
SECURITY_E 3 The E function Disables the safety systems
SECURITY_F 4 The F function None
SECURITY_G 5 The G function None
SECURITY_H 6 The H function None
SECURITY_I 7 The I function None
SECURITY_J 8 The J function None
SECURITY_K 9 The K function None
SECURITY_L 0 The L function None

Camera controls (green)

Control Default key Effect
CAMERA_INTERIOR F1 Switches to the train's interior view
CAMERA_EXTERIOR F2 Switches to the train's exterior view
CAMERA_TRACK F3 Switches to the track view
CAMERA_FLYBY F4 Switches between different fly-by views
CAMERA_MOVE_FORWARD Keypad 9 Moves the camera forward
CAMERA_MOVE_BACKWARD Keypad 3 Moves the camera backward
CAMERA_MOVE_LEFT Keypad 4 Moves the camera left
CAMERA_MOVE_RIGHT Keypad 6 Moves the camera right
CAMERA_MOVE_UP Keypad 8 Moves the camera up
CAMERA_MOVE_DOWN Keypad 2 Moves the camera down
CAMERA_ROTATE_LEFT Left Rotates the camera left
CAMERA_ROTATE_RIGHT Right Rotates the camera right
CAMERA_ROTATE_UP Up Rotates the camera up
CAMERA_ROTATE_DOWN Down Rotates the camera down
CAMERA_ROTATE_CCW Keypad Divide Rotates the camera counter-clockwise
CAMERA_ROTATE_CW Keypad Multiply Rotates the camera clockwise
CAMERA_ZOOM_IN Keypad Period Zooms the camera in
CAMERA_ZOOM_OUT Keypad 0 Zooms the camera out
CAMERA_POI_PREVIOUS Keypad 1 Jumps to the previous point of interest
CAMERA_POI_NEXT Keypad 7 Jumps to the next point of interest
CAMERA_RESET Keypad 5 Resets the camera view to default values

Application controls (red)

Control Default key Effect
MENU_ACTIVATE Escape Displays the in-game menu
MENU_UP Up Moves the cursor up within the in-game menu
MENU_DOWN Down Moves the cursor down within the in-game menu
MENU_ENTER Return Performs the selected command within the in-game menu
MENU_BACK Escape Goes back within the in-game menu
MISC_PAUSE Pause Pauses or resumes the simulation

Debug controls (gray)

Control Default key Effect
MISC_INTERFACE F10 Changes between interface modes
MISC_BACKFACE F11 Activates or deactivates backface culling
MISC_CPUMODE F12 Switches to or from reduced CPU mode

With Ctrl held down


Camera controls (green)

Control Default key Effect
CAMERA_RESTRICTION Ctrl + R Turns camera restriction for panels on or off

Application controls (red)

Control Default key Effect
MISC_QUIT Ctrl + Q Quits the simulation
MISC_FULLSCREEN Ctrl + F Toggles from or to full-screen mode

Miscellaneous controls (magenta)

Control Default key Effect
MISC_AI Ctrl + A Activates or deactivates the virtual driver (AI)
MISC_CLOCK Ctrl + C Shows or hides the clock
MISC_SPEED Ctrl + V Toggles through different speed display modes
MISC_FPS Ctrl + X Shows or hides the frame rate display
MISC_TIMEFACTOR Ctrl + J Toggles through different time acceleration factors
MISC_MUTE Ctrl + M Mutes sound or resumes playing sounds
TIMETABLE_TOGGLE Ctrl + T Toggles through different timetable modes
TIMETABLE_UP Ctrl + Up Scrolls the timetable up
TIMETABLE_DOWN Ctrl + Down Scrolls the timetable down

Debug controls (gray)

Control Default key Effect
DEBUG_WIREFRAME Ctrl + W Activates or deactivates wireframe mode
DEBUG_BRAKE Ctrl + B Shows or hides brake system debug output
DEBUG_NORMALS Ctrl + N Shows or hides vertex normals
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