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The scoring system

The scoring system monitors your performance and is doing that regardless of the driving mode. After driving a session, you can access the performance analysis by opening the Review last game page from the main menu.

At the beginning of the simulation, you start with a score of zero points.


Events that award points Points
Every successful stop at a station at which you are supposed to stop 100 points
Stopped within 1% of the allowed stop tolerance 15 points
Arrived right on schedule 15 points
Events that penalize Points
Being late at a station -20 points per minute late
Being off the perfect stop position Depends on position, up to -50 points
Departing a station before the expected departure time: -90 points per minute
Opening the doors outside of the station area Depends on duration of doors opened
Exceeding the currently allowed track speed limit Depends on amount and duration of overspeed
Passing a red signal -100 points
Causing passenger discomfort -20 points
Forcing the train to topple Depends on duration of toppling
Causing a derailment The score is reset to -1000 points if not already lower


The maximum possible score is 100 times the amount of station at which you are expected to stop. Additional points you gain through the bonuses are only meant to compensate for penalties.

The final score is translated into a percentage between 0% and 100%, giving any of the following ratings:

Score Rating
90% - 100% Excellent
80% - 90% Superb
70% - 80% Great
60% - 70% Good
50% - 60% Mediocre
40% - 50% Fair
30% - 40% Poor
20% - 30% Bad
10% - 20% Terrible
0% - 10% Abysmal
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