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Handy dandy wrapper library for box2d.

I created this library as a method of simplifying the instantiation and creation of box2d world and objects in HTML5 - friendly browsers.

The idea is to abstract things to the point where you can interact with the 2d objects in HTML5 coordinate space and using HTML5 nominclature.

Example: http://frogstomper.com/boxy/index.html

General Concepts

First, instantiate box2d with the div id of the physics-rendering canvas (TODO: should be CSS select syntax)
without any other directives, boxy will create a bounding box around the div to keep objects from falling
off the world or out of frame
var boxy= BOXY("canvas"); 

boxy.setDebug(); // optional -- if you're using images or otherwise want to render your own world, comment this out
boxy.setUpdate(); // TODO: this should be automatic

var ball=boxy.makeDynamicBall('ball', .7, 2, 1); // TODO: units are still in world coordinates
var otherball=boxy.clone('ball1','ball2', 15, 1); // clone the first ball

// another example of abstraction - bare minimum to specify are the ids of the 2 joined objects

// example of how to attach your own image to box2d objects using boxy
    boxy.setBodyImage('ball1', 'images/dot.png', 50, 50);
    boxy.setBodyImage('ball2', 'images/dot.png', 50, 50);