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manage large files with git
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initial report

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Annex Fix reversion in init when ran as root, introduced in version 5.20150…
Assistant Fix issue with yesod-core > 1.4.13.
Backend Added support for SHA3 hashed keys (in 8 varieties), when git-annex i…
Build remove unused import
CmdLine metadata: Fix reversion introduced in 5.20150727 that caused display …
Command Fix building without database.
Common git-annex (5.20140717) unstable; urgency=high
Config more {-# OPTIONS_GHC -fno-warn-tabs #-} ... Forcing people who have w…
Database fsck: Commit incremental fsck database after every 1000 files fscked,…
Git avoid nul-truncation
Limit update my email address and homepage url
Logs add test case that all standard group preferred content expressions p…
Messages info: Added json output for "backend usage", "numcopies stats", "repo…
Remote disable whereisKey for encrypted or chunked remotes
RemoteDaemon rename bothHandles -> ioHandles
Types fix test suite fail in LANG=C
Upgrade add import
Utility make sync --no-content be accepted
debian prep release
doc initial report
standalone Linux standalone: Work around problem that prevented it from working …
static git-annex (5.20140717) unstable; urgency=high
templates clarify space provided by gitlab (10 gb)
.ghci git-annex (5.20140717) unstable; urgency=high
.gitattributes git-annex (5.20140412) unstable; urgency=high
.gitignore cleanup makefile
.mailmap Add all combinations for Joey Hess
Annex.hs converted MetaData, eliminating a global value from Annex state .. be…
Assistant.hs unused import on windows
Backend.hs update my email address and homepage url
BuildFlags.hs Support building without persistent database on for systems that lack…
CHANGELOG git-annex (5.20140717) unstable; urgency=high
COPYRIGHT git-annex (5.20140717) unstable; urgency=high
Checks.hs update my email address and homepage url
CmdLine.hs Improve shutdown due to --time-limit, especially for fsck
Command.hs convert version command, and make --raw work when not in a git repo
Common.hs import Data.Default in Common
Config.hs refactor
Creds.hs S3: Publically accessible buckets can be used without creds.
Crypto.hs rejigger imports for clean build with ghc 7.10's AMP changes
Git.hs removed all uses of undefined from code base
INSTALL git-annex (5.20140717) unstable; urgency=high
Limit.hs Improve shutdown due to --time-limit, especially for fsck
Locations.hs optimise ObjectHashLower handling
Logs.hs rethought distributed fsck; instead add activity.log and expire command
Makefile exclude thanks page to avoid lintian error about embedded gif
Messages.hs --debug is passed along to git-annex-shell when git-annex is in debug…
NEWS git-annex (5.20140717) unstable; urgency=high
README use https
Remote.hs Simplify setup process for a ssh remote.
Setup.hs Improve Setup.hs file so that cabal copy --destdir works. Thanks, Mag…
Test.hs wire tasty's option parser into the main program option parser
Types.hs update my email address and homepage url
Upgrade.hs update my email address and homepage url
bash-completion.bash fix bash completion of filenames containing spaces
build.bat let build.bat also be run from cygwin terminal
configure.hs git-annex (5.20140717) unstable; urgency=high
ghci git-annex (5.20140717) unstable; urgency=high
git-annex.cabal hackage still doesn't accept os(gnu), remove again
git-annex.hs wire tasty's option parser into the main program option parser
git-union-merge.hs update my email address and homepage url


git-annex allows managing files with git, without checking the file
contents into git. While that may seem paradoxical, it is useful when
dealing with files larger than git can currently easily handle, whether due
to limitations in memory, checksumming time, or disk space.

For documentation, see doc/ or <>
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