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{- The current git repository.
- Copyright 2012 Joey Hess <>
- Licensed under the GNU GPL version 3 or higher.
module Git.CurrentRepo where
import System.Posix.Directory (changeWorkingDirectory)
import System.Posix.Env (getEnv, unsetEnv)
import Common
import Git.Types
import Git.Construct
import qualified Git.Config
{- Gets the current git repository.
- Both environment variables are unset, to avoid confusing other git
- commands that also look at them. Instead, the Git module passes
- --work-tree and --git-dir to git commands it runs.
- When GIT_WORK_TREE or core.worktree are set, changes the working
- directory if necessary to ensure it is within the repository's work
- tree. While not needed for git commands, this is useful for anything
- else that looks for files in the worktree.
get :: IO Repo
get = do
gd <- pathenv "GIT_DIR"
r <- configure gd =<< maybe fromCwd fromPath gd
wt <- maybe (Git.Config.workTree r) Just <$> pathenv "GIT_WORK_TREE"
case wt of
Nothing -> return r
Just d -> do
cwd <- getCurrentDirectory
unless (d `dirContains` cwd) $
changeWorkingDirectory d
return $ addworktree wt r
pathenv s = do
v <- getEnv s
when (isJust v) $
unsetEnv s
case v of
Nothing -> return Nothing
Just d -> Just <$> absPath d
configure Nothing r = r
configure (Just d) r = do
r' <- r
-- Let GIT_DIR override the default gitdir.
return $ changelocation r' $
Local { gitdir = d, worktree = worktree (location r') }
addworktree w r = changelocation r $
Local { gitdir = gitdir (location r), worktree = w }
changelocation r l = r { location = l }
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