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{- git FilePath library
- Different git commands use different types of FilePaths to refer to
- files in the repository. Some commands use paths relative to the
- top of the repository even when run in a subdirectory. Adding some
- types helps keep that straight.
- Copyright 2012 Joey Hess <>
- Licensed under the GNU GPL version 3 or higher.
module Git.FilePath (
) where
import Common
import Git
{- A FilePath, relative to the top of the git repository. -}
newtype TopFilePath = TopFilePath { getTopFilePath :: FilePath }
{- The input FilePath can be absolute, or relative to the CWD. -}
toTopFilePath :: FilePath -> Git.Repo -> IO TopFilePath
toTopFilePath file repo = TopFilePath <$>
relPathDirToFile (repoPath repo) <$> absPath file
{- The input FilePath must already be relative to the top of the git
- repository -}
asTopFilePath :: FilePath -> TopFilePath
asTopFilePath file = TopFilePath file
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