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{- git-annex file copying
- Copyright 2010,2012 Joey Hess <>
- Licensed under the GNU GPL version 3 or higher.
module Utility.CopyFile (copyFileExternal) where
import Common
import qualified Build.SysConfig as SysConfig
{- The cp command is used, because I hate reinventing the wheel,
- and because this allows easy access to features like cp --reflink. -}
copyFileExternal :: FilePath -> FilePath -> IO Bool
copyFileExternal src dest = do
whenM (doesFileExist dest) $
removeFile dest
boolSystem "cp" $ params ++ [File src, File dest]
params = map snd $ filter fst
[ (SysConfig.cp_reflink_auto, Param "--reflink=auto")
, (SysConfig.cp_a, Param "-a")
, (SysConfig.cp_p && not SysConfig.cp_a, Param "-p")
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