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The git-annex assistant creates a folder on each of your computers, removable drives, and cloud services, which it keeps synchronised, so its contents are the same everywhere. It's very easy to use, and has all the power of git and git-annex.


The git-annex assistant comes as part of git-annex. See [[install]] to get it installed.

Note that the git-annex assistant is still beta quality code. (And it's not yet in the released version of git-annex. That will change soon!)

quick start

To get started with the git-annex assistant, just run it from the menu:

[[!img assistant/menu.png]]

It'll prompt you to set up the folder:

[[!img assistant/makerepo.png]]

Then any changes you make to its folder will automatically be committed to git, and synced to repositories on other computers. You can use the interface to add repositories and control the git-annex assistant.

[[!img assistant/running.png]]

command line start

The git-annex assistant will automatically be started when you log in to desktop environments like Gnome, XFCE, and KDE, and the menu item shown above can be used to open the webapp. On other systems, you may need to start it by hand.

To start the webapp, run git annex webapp at the command line.

To start the assistant without opening the webapp, you can run the command "git annex assistant --autostart". This is a good thing to configure your system to run automatically when you log in.


The git-annex assistant is being crowd funded on Kickstarter. [[/assistant/Thanks]] to all my backers.

I blog about my work on the git-annex assistant on a daily basis in [[this_blog|design/assistant/blog]]. Follow along!

See also: The [[design|/design/assistant]] pages.

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