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OS-specific instructions

  • [[OSX]]
  • [[Debian]]
  • [[Ubuntu]]
  • [[Fedora]]
  • [[FreeBSD]]
  • [[openSUSE]]
  • [[ArchLinux]]
  • [[NixOS]]
  • [[Gentoo]]
  • [[ScientificLinux5]] - This should cover RHEL5 clones such as CentOS5 and so on
  • Windows: [[sorry, not possible yet|todo/windows_support]]

Using cabal

As a haskell package, git-annex can be installed using cabal. For example:

cabal install git-annex --bindir=$HOME/bin

The above downloads the latest release. Alternatively, you can [[download]] it yourself and [[manually_build_with_cabal|install/cabal]].

Installation by hand

To build and use git-annex, you will need:

Then just [[download]] git-annex and run: make; make install

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