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To get a feel for git-annex, see the [[walkthrough]] or read about [[how_it_works]].

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  • [[download]]
  • [[install]]
  • [[assistant]]
  • [[tips]]
  • [[bugs]]
  • [[todo]]
  • [[forum]]
  • [[comments]]
  • [[contact]]
  • [[testimonials]]
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If that describes you, or if you're some from column A and some from column B, then git-annex may be the tool you've been looking for to expand from keeping all your small important files in git, to managing your large files with git.


  • [[git-annex man page|git-annex]]
  • [[key-value backends|backends]] for data storage
  • [special_remotes]
  • [[sync]]
  • [[encryption]]
  • [[bare_repositories]]
  • [[internals]]
  • [[scalability]]
  • [[design]]
  • [[what git annex is not|not]]
  • [[sitemap]]


A 15 minute introduction to git-annex, presented by Richard Hartmann.

git-annex is Free Software, licensed under the [[GPL]].

git-annex's wiki is powered by Ikiwiki and hosted by Branchable.

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