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{- git-annex command
- Copyright 2010 Joey Hess <>
- Licensed under the GNU GPL version 3 or higher.
module Command.FromKey where
import Common.Annex
import Command
import qualified Annex.Queue
import Annex.Content
import Types.Key
def :: [Command]
def = [command "fromkey" (paramPair paramKey paramPath) seek
"adds a file using a specific key"]
seek :: [CommandSeek]
seek = [withWords start]
start :: [String] -> CommandStart
start (keyname:file:[]) = notBareRepo $ do
let key = fromMaybe (error "bad key") $ file2key keyname
inbackend <- inAnnex key
unless inbackend $ error $
"key ("++ keyname ++") is not present in backend"
showStart "fromkey" file
next $ perform key file
start _ = error "specify a key and a dest file"
perform :: Key -> FilePath -> CommandPerform
perform key file = do
link <- calcGitLink file key
liftIO $ createDirectoryIfMissing True (parentDir file)
liftIO $ createSymbolicLink link file
next $ cleanup file
cleanup :: FilePath -> CommandCleanup
cleanup file = do
Annex.Queue.addCommand "add" [Param "--"] [file]
return True
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