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{- git-annex command
- Copyright 2010,2012 Joey Hess <>
- Licensed under the GNU GPL version 3 or higher.
module Command.SendKey where
import Common.Annex
import Command
import Annex.Content
import Utility.Rsync
import Logs.Transfer
import Types.Remote
import qualified Fields
def :: [Command]
def = [noCommit $ command "sendkey" paramKey seek
"runs rsync in server mode to send content"]
seek :: [CommandSeek]
seek = [withKeys start]
start :: Key -> CommandStart
start key = ifM (inAnnex key)
( fieldTransfer Upload key $ \_p -> do
file <- inRepo $ gitAnnexLocation key
liftIO $ rsyncServerSend file
, do
warning "requested key is not present"
liftIO exitFailure
fieldTransfer :: Direction -> Key -> (MeterUpdate -> Annex Bool) -> CommandStart
fieldTransfer direction key a = do
afile <- Fields.getField Fields.associatedFile
ok <- maybe (a $ const noop)
(\u -> runTransfer (Transfer direction (toUUID u) key) afile noRetry a)
=<< Fields.getField Fields.remoteUUID
if ok
then liftIO exitSuccess
else liftIO exitFailure
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