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add news item for git-annex 3.20120227

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-git-annex 3.20120106 released with [[!toggle text="these changes"]]
-[[!toggleable text="""
- * Support unescaped repository urls, like git does.
- * log: New command that displays the location log for files,
- showing each repository they were added to and removed from.
- * Fix overbroad gpg --no-tty fix from last release."""]]
43 doc/news/version_3.20120227.mdwn
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+git-annex 3.20120227 released with [[!toggle text="these changes"]]
+[[!toggleable text="""
+ * Modifications to support ghc 7.4's handling of filenames.
+ This version can only be built with ghc 7.4 or newer. See the ghc7.0
+ branch for older ghcs.
+ * S3: Fix irrefutable pattern failure when accessing encrypted S3
+ credentials.
+ * Use the haskell IfElse library.
+ * Fix teardown of stale cached ssh connections.
+ * Fixed to use the strict state monad, to avoid leaking all kinds of memory
+ due to lazy state update thunks when adding/fixing many files.
+ * Fixed some memory leaks that occurred when committing journal files.
+ * Added a annex.queuesize setting, useful when adding hundreds of thousands
+ of files on a system with plenty of memory.
+ * whereis: Prints the urls of files that the web special remote knows about.
+ * addurl --fast: Verifies that the url can be downloaded (only getting
+ its head), and records the size in the key.
+ * When checking that an url has a key, verify that the Content-Length,
+ if available, matches the size of the key.
+ * addurl: Added a --file option, which can be used to specify what
+ file the url is added to. This can be used to override the default
+ filename that is used when adding an url, which is based on the url.
+ Or, when the file already exists, the url is recorded as another
+ location of the file.
+ * addurl: Normalize badly encoded urls.
+ * addurl: Add --pathdepth option.
+ * rekey: New plumbing level command, can be used to change the keys used
+ for files en masse.
+ * Store web special remote url info in a more efficient location.
+ (Urls stored with this version will not be visible to older versions.)
+ * Deal with NFS problem that caused a failure to remove a directory
+ when removing content from the annex.
+ * Make a single location log commit after a remote has received or
+ dropped files. Uses a new "git-annex-shell commit" command when available.
+ * To avoid commits of data to the git-annex branch after each command
+ is run, set annex.alwayscommit=false. Its data will then be committed
+ less frequently, when a merge or sync is done.
+ * configure: Check if ssh connection caching is supported by the installed
+ version of ssh and default annex.sshcaching accordingly.
+ * move --from, copy --from: Now 10 times faster when scanning to find
+ files in a remote on a local disk; rather than go through the location log
+ to see which files are present on the remote, it simply looks at the
+ disk contents directly."""]]

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