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Commits on Jun 12, 2012
  1. @ntc2

    Clean up Setup.hs.

    ntc2 authored
    Remove post-copy hook 'myPostCopy': it's easy to write one based on
    'myPostInst', so just wait until someone complains that it's missing.
    Remove most comments.
    Put long type sigs on one line like in the other source files.
Commits on Jun 10, 2012
  1. @ntc2
  2. @ntc2

    Combine post install commands in 'postInst' and add 'postCopy' hook.

    ntc2 authored
    The creation of the 'git-annex-shell' symlink was in 'postInst' hook.
    I combined it with the man-page installation in a 'postInst' hook and
    a 'postCopy' hook.  I don't understand how to use the `cabal copy`
    command, but the examples I looked at defined both hooks.
    Relevant comments from the source:
    * man-page installation:
      Based on pandoc's and lhs2tex's 'Setup.installManpages' and
      'postInst' hooks.
      My understanding: 'postCopy' is run for `cabal copy`, 'postInst' is
      run for `cabal inst`, and copy is not a generalized install, so you
      have to write two nearly identical hooks.
      Summary of hooks:
      Other people are also confused:
      * Bug: 'postCopy' and 'postInst' are confusing:
      * A cabal maintainer suggests using 'postCopy' instead of
      'postInst', because `cabal install` is `cabal copy` followed by
      `cabal register`:
      Although that sounds desirable, it's not true, as the reply and
      experiments indicate.
    * the `cabal copy` command:
      ???: Not sure how you're supposed to use this.  E.g., when I do
         cabal install --prefix=/tmp/git-annex-install
         cabal copy --deistdir=/tmp/git-annex-copy
      I get the copy under
      Also, `cabal install` fails when given a relative --prefix.
Commits on Jun 8, 2012
  1. @ntc2
Commits on Jun 6, 2012
  1. @ntc2

    WIP: Add man page installation to Setup.hs

    ntc2 authored
    This works with `cabal-dev install .`, but `cabal sdist` does not yet
    include the man pages (tried adding a `make $(mans)` before `cabal
    sdist` in `make sdist`, but no luck).
    XXX: Need to go back and replace spaces with tabs.
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