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# Parses list of remotes in doc/git.mdwn, configures git to use them
# all. After running this, use "git remote update --prune" to pull
# updates from all remotes.
open (IN, "doc/git.mdwn") || die "doc/git.mdwn: $!";
while (<IN>) {
if (/^\*\s+\[?\[?(\w+)(?:\|\w+)?\]?\]?\s+`([^>]+)`/) {
# note that the remote name has to be a simple word (\w)
# for security/sanity reasons
my $remote=$1;
my $url=$2;
# check configured url to deal with it changing
my $info=`git remote show -n $remote`;
my ($oldurl)=$info=~/URL: (.*)/m;
if ($oldurl ne $url) {
system("git remote rm $remote 2>/dev/null");
system("git", "remote", "add", $remote, $url);
system("git", "config", "remote.$remote.tagopt",
system("git", "fetch", $remote);
close IN;
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