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Resigning from task.

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1 parent 181b77a commit 2fedc701c9eb0d34c229ed0532112d35b593e561 @intrigeri intrigeri committed Sep 26, 2012
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8 doc/bugs/pagetitle_function_does_not_respect_meta_titles.mdwn
@@ -279,3 +279,11 @@ So, looking at your meta branch: --[[Joey]]
>>>> for the po plugin, because I want to merge the po plugin soon.
>>>> If #2 gets tackled later, we will certianly have all kinds of fun.
>>>> no matter what is done for the po plugin. --[[Joey]]
+>>>>> For the record: I've gotten used to the lack of this feature,
+>>>>> and it now seems much less important to me than it was when
+>>>>> initially developing the po plugin. So, I'm hereby officially
+>>>>> removing this from my plate. If anyone else wants to start from
+>>>>> scratch, or from my initial work, I'm happy to review the
+>>>>> po-related part of things -- just drop me an email in this
+>>>>> case. --[[intrigeri]]

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