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Sep 09, 2006

  1. * Work on firming up the plugin interface:

      - Plugins should not need to load IkiWiki::Render to get commonly
        used functions, so moved some functions from there to IkiWiki.
      - Picked out the set of functions and variables that most plugins
        use, documented them, and made IkiWiki export them by default,
        like a proper perl module should.
      - Use the other functions at your own risk.
      - This is not quite complete, I still have to decide whether to
        export some other things.
    * Changed all plugins included in ikiwiki to not use "IkiWiki::" when
      referring to stuff now exported by the IkiWiki module.
    * Anyone with a third-party ikiwiki plugin is strongly enrouraged
      to make like changes to it and avoid use of non-exported symboles from
    * Link debian/changelog and debian/news to NEWS and CHANGELOG.
    * Support hyperestradier version 1.4.2, which adds a new required phraseform
    authored September 09, 2006
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