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a wiki compiler

tag: 3.20091031
Use ./Makefile.PL to generate a Makefile, "make" will build the
documentation wiki and a man page, and "make install" will install ikiwiki.

All other documentation is in the ikiwiki documentation wiki, which is also
available online at <>

A few special variables you can set while using the Makefile:

  PROFILE=1 turns on profiling for the build of the doc wiki.
  (Uses Devel::NYTProf)

  NOTAINT=0 turns on the taint flag in the ikiwiki program. (Not recommended
  unless your perl is less buggy than mine -- see

  There are also other variables supported by MakeMaker, including PREFIX,
  INSTALL_BASE, and DESTDIR. See ExtUtils::MakeMaker(3).

  In particular, INSTALL_BASE is very useful if you want to install ikiwiki
  to some other location, as it configures it to see the perl libraries
  there. See `doc/tips/nearlyfreespeech.mdwn` for an example of using this to
  install ikiwiki and its dependencies in a home directory.
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