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Use ./Makefile.PL to generate a Makefile, "make" will build the
documentation wiki and a man page, and "make install" will install ikiwiki.

All other documentation is in the ikiwiki documentation wiki, which is also
available online at <>

A few special variables you can set while using the Makefile.PL:

  PROFILE=1 turns on profiling for the build of the doc wiki.
  (Uses Devel::NYTProf)

  NOTAINT=0 turns on the taint flag in the ikiwiki program. (Not recommended
  unless your perl is less buggy than mine -- see

  MAKE, FIND, and SED can be used to specify where you have the GNU
  versions of those tools installed, if the normal make, find, and sed
  are not GNU.

  There are also other variables supported by MakeMaker, including PREFIX,
  INSTALL_BASE, and DESTDIR. See ExtUtils::MakeMaker(3).

  In particular, INSTALL_BASE is very useful if you want to install ikiwiki
  to some other location, as it configures it to see the perl libraries
  there. See `doc/tips/nearlyfreespeech.mdwn` for an example of using this to
  install ikiwiki and its dependencies in a home directory.
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