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ikiwiki (3.20140916) unstable; urgency=low

  * Don't double-decode CGI submissions with >= 2.53,
    fixing "Error: Cannot decode string with wide characters".
    Thanks, Antoine Beaupré
  * Avoid making trails depend on everything in the wiki by giving them
    a better way to sort the pages
  * Don't let users post comments that won't be displayed
  * Fix encoding of Unicode strings in Python plugins.
    Thanks, chrysn
  * Improve performance and correctness of the [[!if]] directive
  * Let [[!inline rootpage=foo postform=no]] disable the posting form
  * Switch default [[!man]] shortcut to Closes: #700322
  * Add UUID and TIME variables to edittemplate. Closes: #752827
    Thanks, Jonathon Anderson
  * Display pages in linkmaps as their pagetitle (no underscore escapes).
    Thanks, chrysn
  * Fix aspect ratio when scaling small images, and add support for
    converting SVG and PDF graphics to PNG.
    Thanks, chrysn
    - suggest ghostscript (required for PDF-to-PNG thumbnailing)
      and libmagickcore-extra (required for SVG-to-PNG thumbnailing)
    - build-depend on ghostscript so the test for scalable images can be run
  * In the CGI wrapper, incorporate $config{ENV} into the environment
    before executing Perl code, so that PERL5LIB can point to a
    non-system-wide installation of IkiWiki.
    Thanks, Lafayette Chamber Singers Webmaster
  * filecheck: accept MIME types not containing ';'
  * autoindex: index files in underlays if the resulting pages aren't
    going to be committed. Closes: #611068
  * Add [[!templatebody]] directive so template pages don't have to be
    simultaneously a valid template and valid HTML
  * Add myself to Uploaders and release to Debian

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