An online multiplayer 3D isometric farm game built with Node.js
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World of Farmcraft

An online multiplayer 3D isometric farm game built with Node.js

  • Features an infinite persisted map generated live when accessing unexplored areas.
  • Improved visibility by rotating the map in 4 different angles.
  • Implements A* algorithm for path finding as characters can move in 8 directions.
  • Animate players and allow interactions.
  • Includes day/night transitions and animated natural disasters such as tornados for more realism.
  • Farmers can perform up to 12 actions with 6 different buildings and plants.


Getting started

  1. Set database credentials in the /server/lib/db.js file.
  2. Import the files /database/db.sql and /database/trigger.sql to setup the database (change the delimiter to $$ for the triggers).
  3. Open a terminal and run the command npm install to install all dependencies.
  4. Set the credentials of an email account in the /server/lib/mail.js file.
  5. Navigate to the server folder and run the command node launch.js to start the server.

How to play

  1. Open a browser to the following url: localhost:1337.
  2. Login or create an account thanks to the register button.
  3. Enjoy :)


Gameplay: Gameplay Assistive notifications: Assistive notifications Some of the sprites (all vector created except the character): Some of the items