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A friendly intro to building your first web maps with CartoDB


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Web Maps for the Digital Humanities

Part of the Pixelating: A Digital Humanities Mixer


May 26th


Room 153

Koerner Building-Staff Board Rooms

Point Grey Campus


"Web Maps for the Digital Humanities" will be a friendly workshop on building interactive maps for the web. The goal of the workshop is to get you started in building your own interactive web maps to help you explore your geographic data. Please bring your laptop, enthusiasm and curiosity! We encourage people with all skill levels to join, especially beginners. Requirements: Please bring a laptop if you'd like to build a map. Otherwise, just come and hang out.

Session Facilitator:

Joey Lee (MSc), Mozilla Science Fellow. Twitter: @leejoeyk

Code of conduct:

We are committed to maintaining a safe, positive, and fun learning environment. Please review the Code of Conduct for our guidelines.



  • The workshop materials can be found here.

Further Learning:

Other interesting tools + learnings:

This workshop was made possible with the support of:

  • Mozilla Science Lab
  • UBC Research Commons Workshops / Pixelating: A Digital Humanities Mixer

###Oh, by the way, what's Mozilla Science Lab?? At Mozilla Science Lab we help scientists and researchers (anyone from students to established researchers to citizen scientists) to work openly and do better research, more research, and make that research more useful by sharing it widely.

We provide various types of trainings (such as this Workshop), learning materials and formats (such as Mozilla Study Groups), platforms for sharing and showcasing open Science projects (such as MSL Collaborate), and support for leaders in open science (through the Mozilla Fellows for Science.


A friendly intro to building your first web maps with CartoDB







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