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Tutorial I
Tutorial II
Tutorial III

"Let's Make an Interactive Map for the Web"

With: Joey Lee


  • Install Tilemill

  • Sign up with Mapbox

  • Download this Workshop Github repository

  • IF YOU'RE RUNNING OSX YOSEMITE and running into issues:

    Option 1: 1. Download Tilemill as normal 2. Open Tilemill 3. Go to 'Updates Preferences' 4. Check: "Install Developer Builds"

    Option 2:

      You have to build from source which is not so straightforward if you're not used to using the terminal and/or if you don't know what the Terminal is. I can help set this up for you, but may take some time. You're still welcome to check out the talk and hang out. If you want to set it up yourself:
      NOTE: If npm or homebrew aren't things you have yet on your machine, then you might need those before continuing.
      1. Download the zip file from:
      2. Place the zip folder where you want, either in Documents or in 			your User Folder and unzip it. 
      3. there is a folder called “platforms” in the unzipped folder (the repo), and in that there is a “osx” folder aaaaaand in there is 
      4.Open it and scroll down to “build and test” and follow the steps, and this should be it.

What to Bring:

  • Computer with Tilemill installed
  • Enthusiasm & patience
  • Your own data in shapefile or geojson format or csv with geocoordinates (optional)


"Let's make an interactive map for the web!" is an introductory hands-on workshop on building your first interactive map for the web. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of Tilemill and Mapbox - two of the most used and user-friendly and opensource tools for building delightful, clickable, zoomable, and custom maps for the web. There will be two sessions followed by an open lab section. We welcome everyone to join the workshop, especially those who are interested in finding new ways to communicate their data/research, meeting other map nerds, or just looking for a tilemill refresher and a friendly environment.

The tutorial will be focused mainly on building a basic interactive web map. There will be limited discussion of mapbox.js/leaflet.js so this workshop may not be as informative for those more advanced mappers out there. Regardless of skill level, I'd be happy to meet you!

Lab Workshop


  • Total time: approx. 2.5 hours
  • Location: tbd



  • Greetings
  • Web maps: "Hello World"

(~30 min)

Tutorial I

What we will cover:

  • Setup & Tilemill tour
  • Data input
  • Basic Data styling
  • Interactivity
  • Exporting
  • Posting/Embedding

(~60 min)

Tutorial II

What we will cover:

  • styling at different zoom levels
  • Styling data based on attributes
  • Images as legends

(~30 min)

NOTE: The short presentation on mapbox.js/leaflet.js was replaced with Tutorial II.

Open Lab Time

  • Ask questions, chat with your neighbor, & make maps!

(~35 min)

NOTE: Some of the content may change.