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Quant Humanists: Designing Personal Data

Welcome to the course repository for Quant Humanists: Designing Personal Data, Spring 2019, a course for NYU's ITP program. Here you will find the links to and materials for the course such as the syllabus and more.


Joey K. Lee


There are more “free” applications and services than ever before that help us to quantify and track what we do, when, how, and with whom. The quantified self holds the promise of improving our lives, but there is an ambivalence to how these technologies are affecting our lives. This course will examine, question, and critique the perspectives of personal data and “the quantified self” from multiple perspectives. We will explore these perspectives by working with the tools and methodologies for collecting personal data and generate visuals and other tangible output from these data.

We will introduce students to guest speakers, review and critique readings, projects, and software around the quantified self, and experiment through projects that encourage a fluency with digital and analog visualization and data tracking tools.

Read on for the:

NOTE: Quant Humanists: the "I" in API, Spring 2018 was designed and built by Aurelia Moser & Joey Lee.

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