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Voxelpaint is a three-dimensional version of Microsoft Paint built using C++ and OpenGL. Authors: @joeylmaalouf, @jovanduy, @jsutker, @sarahwalters See the project website for more detail.

Voxelpaint model



  • cpplint
  • g++
  • build-essential
  • freeglut3-dev

For a complete install on ubuntu, run: pip install cpplint && sudo apt-get install -y g++ build-essential freeglut3-dev


  • cpplint
  • XCode command line tools (and XCode application)

To install on Mac, install XCODE from the App Store and then run xcode-select --install && pip install cpplint


Running make && ./voxelpaint starts Voxelpaint. Type h for the help page to display the commands:

  • Move cursor:
    • l/r arrow keys: x-axis
    • u/d arrow keys: y-axis
    • page u/d keys: z-axis
  • Place voxel:
    • <space>: place
    • <delete>: erase
  • History:
    • u: undo
    • ctrl-u: redo
  • Camera controls:
    • w/s: rotate around x-axis
    • a/d: rotate around y-axis
    • q/e: rotate around z-axis
    • z: zoom out
    • x: zoom in
    • r: reset
  • Other controls:
    • c<red><green><blue>: set cursor color with rgb values
    • b<red><green><blue>: set background color with rgb values
    • k<path/to/file>: export current world to .3dp
    • l<path/to/file>: load existing world from .3dp
    • f<path/to/file>: export current world to .stl
    • h: display help menu
    • ctrl-c: exit
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