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BensArduino-git README

The files in this archive are for a particular Arduino experimental
setup given to Ben (and son) for Christmas 2011. Hardware features of 
the setup are mainly:

2X16 LCD display - with PCF8574 I2C interface
two keypads - 16-key, 12-key - each with PCF8574 I2C interface
Solarbotics proto shield - 4 switches, 4 LED, mini bbd
PCF8563 Clock module with supercap backup
Sound output board with 4-bit divider, speaker drive

A number of software example sketches are provided to drive all that stuff
so that the setup would do something interesting 'out of the box', along
with various libraries that support the sketches.

As this is an ongoing project with lots of scope for play, there will be
continuing revisions/additions/deletions to the contents of this archive.
It will likely not be overly interesting to any who do not have the
particular hardware, but you never know...all are welcome to help