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Partial Helper


Download the repository into the the Plugin directory

cd Plugin
git clone git:// Partials

Add the CakePlugin::load() in the application bootstrap.php.

echo "CakePlugin::load("Partials");" >> Config/bootstrap.php

Load the helper so it will be available in views

public $helpers = array("Html", "Form", "Partials.Partial");


PartialHelper::render(string $name, array $data, array $options)

Renders an element relative to the View::viewPath instead of View/Elements. Assumes the element file begins with an underscore.

<?php echo $this->Partial->render("form"); ?>

Will look for _form.ctp in the View::viewPath (for /posts/add it would be View/Posts/_form.ctp).

The $data and $options params are passed on to View::element() method. An additional option is "collection". If "collection" is an array, then the View::element() will be called for each iteration of the "collection" array. The value of the current iteration is merged in the data array under the element name (without the underscore) key.

<?php echo $this->Partial->render("post", array(), array("collection" => $posts)); ?>

This will render the _post.ctp element for each value in $posts, and set a the value in $posts for this iteration to the "post" key in the data array.