Colors lines in different intensities according to their age in git's history
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Colors lines in different intensities according to their age in git's history

Run :GitShade to shade the file, and again to turn it off.

This works best in Vim's gui mode, but there is now support for 8, 16 and 256 terminal colour mode too.

Some possible options (see the plugin file for more):

let g:GitShade_ColorGradient = "black_to_blue"
let g:GitShade_ColorWhat = "bg"

let g:GitShade_ColorGradient = "green_to_white"
let g:GitShade_ColorWhat = "fg"

" Use grays instead of blues in 256-color terminal:
let g:GitShade_Colors_For_CTerm_256 = [ 0, 232, 233, 234, 235, 236, 237, 238, 239 ]

In the screenshots below, the brighter blue background indicates a more recent addition.

With let g:GitShade_Linear = 0 the recent additions stand out clearly:

Showing the latest additions to a C++ file

With let g:GitShade_Linear = 1 we can see the relative ages of all lines in the file:

Shading to show relative ages of all lines


  • May 2014: Support (with limited colors) for 8, 16 and 256-color terminals. (Vim's t_Co option should be set appropriately.)
  • June 2013: Committer name, date and message for current line is now displayed in command line area.


  • smeargle is a similar script which also offers a mode to highlight different committers.
  • fugitive.vim provides a host of useful git tools, including :Gblame which presents info in the sidebar.
  • Gitv! lets you select a range of lines and then walk through all their previous commits.