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Joey's mushed up version of the taglist plugin

Adds a couple of modes which display tags in file-order, rather than grouped by
tag-type as in the original plugin.

You can cycle through the new and original display modes with 's'.

There are also new modes with a tree-like layout, which is based rather naively
on the indentation of each tag's definition line in the file.  This works
better in some languages than others.

I also made a bunch of changes *before* adding the new modes, but I can't
remember what they were!

--- And some additional ctags rules ---

You are welcome to grab my tags for haskell, coffeescript, vimhelp, markdown:

Note that you will also need the relevant tlist_*_settings for each language which can be found in:


The "Tag List" plugin is a source code browser plugin for Vim and
provides an overview of the structure of source code files and allows
you to efficiently browse through source code files for different
programming languages.  You can visit the taglist plugin home page for
more information:

You can subscribe to the taglist mailing list to post your questions
or suggestions for improvement or to report bugs. Visit the following
page for subscribing to the mailing list:

For more information about using this plugin, after installing the
taglist plugin, use the ":help taglist" command.