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## Xcode
# Backup Xcode defaults
defaults read > ~/Desktop/XcodeDefaults.plist
# Restore Xcode vanilla defaults
# If you delete/move the current plist, Xcode will write a fresh one next time you run it.
killall Xcode
mv ~/Library/Preferences/ ~/Desktop/XcodeDefaults.plist
open -b
# Enable project build time
defaults write ShowBuildOperationDuration -bool YES
# Enable parallel builds for Swift
defaults write BuildSystemScheduleInherentlyParallelCommandsExclusively -bool YES
# Disable parallel builds for Swift
# Xcode 9.3+ now runs more Swift build tasks in parallel with other commands.
# This may improve build times for Swift projects, but may also increase memory use during the build.
# This feature can be disabled from Terminal by setting a user default with
defaults write BuildSystemScheduleInherentlyParallelCommandsSerially -bool YES
# Enable multi-cursor editing
defaults write PegasusMultipleCursorsEnabled -bool YES
# Enable maximum number of concurrent compile tasks
defaults write IDEBuildOperationMaxNumberOfConcurrentCompileTasks `sysctl -n hw.ncpu`
# Enable extensive per operation timing logs
defaults write IDEBuildOperationTimingLogLevel -int 3
# Enable indexing
defaults delete IDEIndexDisable
defaults write IDEIndexEnable -bool YES
# Disable indexing
defaults delete IDEIndexEnable
defaults write IDEIndexDisable -bool YES
# Show Indexing numeric progress
defaults write IDEIndexerActivityShowNumericProgress -bool YES
# Show Indexing logging
# This will show you why a particular file is having trouble being compiled for indexing.
defaults write IDEIndexShowLog -bool YES
# Show prebuild step logs
defaults write IDEShowPrebuildLogs -bool YES
# Set SourceKit log level
# If set to SourceKit will write a log to /tmp with all the details of what it is doing while indexing.
# A lot of people find they have header hygiene problems or module problems that happen to work while building in certain configurations but aren't actually correct,
# resulting in missing modules or broken headers from the indexer's point of view. May not work anymore.
defaults write IDESourceKitServiceLogLevel -int 3
# Enable internal Xcode (debug) menu
defaults write ShowDVTDebugMenu -bool YES
# Disable automatic reopening of last project
# Prevents Xcode from automatically restoring the last open project.
# This enables running multiple Xcode versions for different projects.
defaults write ApplePersistenceIgnoreState -bool YES
# Some minimal additional logging
defaults write EnableDebugActivityLogs -bool YES
# Enable build debugging mode
# This slows down the build system & litters DerivedData//Build/Intermediates.noindex),
# generally should only be enabled when trying to capture a trace for incremental build debugging purposes.
defaults write EnableBuildDebugging -bool YES
# Simulator
# Enable Simulator fullscreen mode
defaults write AllowFullscreenMode -bool YES
# XCBuild
# Enable Build Debugging
# Creates an XCBuildData folder in ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/<your target>/Build/Intermediates.noindex/
# which contains debugging info for xcodebuild.
defaults write YES