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 A curated list of Open Source example iOS apps developed in Swift. An amazing list for people who are beginners and learning ios development and for ios developers who need any example app or feature.
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Example iOS Apps

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A curated list of Open Source example iOS apps developed in Swift.

How to Use

Example-iOS-Apps is an amazing list for people who are beginners and learning iOS development and for iOS developers who need any example app or feature. The best ways to use are:

iOS Apps that Take Part in Google Summer of Code

  • Rocket.Chat.iOS - Rocket.Chat Native iOS Application.
  • Open Event Orga iOS - Event management app for organizers using Open Event Platform by FOSSASIA
  • Open Event iOS - Open Event iOS app by FOSSASIA.
  • Badge Magic iOS - Badge Magic is an Android app to control LED name badges. The goal is to provide options to portray names, graphics and simple animations on LED badges. For the data transfer from the smartphone to the LED badge we use Bluetooth.
  • Powerup iOS - PowerUp is an educational choose-your-own-adventure game that utilizes a users uploaded curriculum to empower pre-adolescents to take charge of their reproductive health. This is the iOS version of the game.
  • Open Food Facts iOS - iOS version (Swift) of Open Food Facts.
  • Catty - iOS implementation of the Catrobat language.
  • Amahi - iOS application written in Swift, from scratch.
  • - Photo Image Editor and Sharing App.
  • Catty - iOS implementation of the Catrobat language.
  • Matrix iOS SDK - The Matrix SDK for iOS.

iOS Apps that written with SwiftUI

  • Reddit-SwiftUI - A cross-platform Reddit client built in SwiftUI
  • SwiftUITodo - An example to-do list app using SwiftUI
  • MovieSwiftUI - SwiftUI & Combine app using MovieDB API. With a custom Flux (Redux) implementation.
  • SwiftUI-MovieDB - SwiftUI MovieDB prototype app
  • SwiftUI-2048 - A 2048 game writing with SwiftUI.
  • GitHubSearchWithSwiftUI - SwiftUI and Combine based GitHubSearch example.
  • HNNow - Hacker News reader for iOS and iPadOS built with SwiftUI
  • SwiftUIViewTextStack - How to create views, text and stacks with SwiftUI
  • Animatable Cards - Examples projects using SwiftUI & Combine to animatable cards
  • swiftui-notes - A collection of notes, project pieces, playgrounds and ideas on learning and using SwiftUI and Combine.
  • Harvest-SwiftUI-Gallery - Gallery App for Harvest (Elm Architecture + Optics) + SwiftUI + Combine.


  • Calculator-iOS - Basic calculator app for iOS devices using Swift3. Created for learning purpose.
  • Stopwatch - Basic Stop Watch & Countdown app for iOS devices. Created for learning purpose.
  • To Do List - Basic To Do List App for iOS devices using swift and xcode.
  • Gravity Blocks - A basic iOS app on basic physics concept gravity and elasticity.
  • QR Blank - A basic QR code scanning app that checks URLs safety before advancing.
  • AppleWatchCalculator - A calculator for your Apple Watch but only if you have fingers small enough to press the buttons.
  • done-swift - Sample app to demonstrate data sharing between a WatchKit app and its main app using Realm
  • how-much - A simple iOS app to record how much things cost using various data persistence implementations.
  • Firefox for iOS - An iOS version of the firefox browser
  • Chats - Open source messaging app
  • technex-ios - iOS app for Technex, IIT(BHU) Varanasi. This project is closed before completion. You can use this app for learning purpose.
  • GitHawk - A GitHub project manager app for iOS
  • 30 days of React Native - 30 days of React Native demos
  • WordPress for iOS - WordPress's app for iOS, written in Swift
  • Artsy - An art auction app.
  • CustomCamera - iOS project that demonstrates how to create a custom camera
  • Edhita - Open source text editor written for iOS in Swift
  • 5Calls - iOS app for
  • BoardBank - Money Manager for Board Games
  • TumCampusApp - An iOS app for and from students at Technical University of Munich.
  • Swift 30 Projects - 30 mini Swift Apps for self-study
  • crime mapper - A data visualisation tool that adds publicly available crime data from UK police forces to an interactive map
  • VPN On - A basic iOS app for VPN which can be automatically connected for a pre-specified domain
  • Blurry - A small image blur tool for iOS.
  • Files - File Browser for iOS.
  • Kickstarter - The official Kickstarter app for iOS.
  • Alfresco - Alfresco is the open platform iOS app for business-critical content management and collaboration.
  • SwiftHN - A iOS app for Hacker News.
  • DesignerNewsApp - A iOS client for Designer News.
  • FlappySwift - Flappy Bird game written in iOS.
  • Yep - A community where geniuses meet.
  • TweedleDumb - A mock Twitter client built with MVVM and NavigationControllers. Small codebase, built with best practices in mind to demonstrate said practices. Great for learning purposes.
  • BarcodeScanner - Simple and beautiful barcode scanner.
  • Social Logins - Basic app to show how to login with Facebook, Google, Twitter. Created for learning purpose.
  • Awesome ML - Discover, download, compile & launch different image processing CoreML models on iOS.
  • Next Cloud - The Nextcloud iOS app allows you to access all your files on your Nextcloud. A safe home for all your data.
  • Applozic iOS Swift Chat - Chat app sample and chat SDK to integrate into your iOS swift app.
  • Kommunicate iOS Chat - support chat SDK to integrate live chat and bot integrations for customer support into your iOS app.
  • My Anime List - Simple sample of using the VIP (Clean Swift) architecture for iOS.
  • Wire iOS - The Wire mobile app has an architectural layer that we call sync engine . It is the client-side layer that processes all the data that is displayed in the mobile app.
  • AudioKit - Audio synthesis, processing, and analysis platform for iOS.
  • Charter - A Swift mailing list client for iPhone and iPad.
  • 2048 - A working port of 2048 to Swift
  • Recipes App - An app that showcases many recipes together with their detail information
  • PixPic - Photo editing app
  • Brave iOS Browser - Brave is based on Firefox iOS
  • Wikipedia - Official Wikipedia iOS App
  • Todoey - To Do App
  • VLC - Official VLC iOS & tvOS App
  • Dailyfeed - iOS client for
  • iOSSampleApp - Sample iOS app demonstrating Coordinators, Dependency Injection, MVVM, Binding
  • Unwrap - Learn Swift interactively on your iPhone
  • Alamofire-Example-Starwars - Learn alamofire with a funny example about Start Wars
  • Sorting Algorithms App - An open source app focused on show in a visual way how sorting algorithms actually works.
  • App Store Clone - An experimental clone of the new iOS 11 App Store app.


 Jogendra Singh

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  • If you have any issue or want help, please drop me a mail on

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  • Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.
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