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LEMPer stands for Linux, Engine-X (Nginx), MariaDB and PHP installer written in Bash script. LEMPer is terminal-based LEMP stack manager for Debian/Ubuntu-based cloud or virtual server (vps) and on-premise (bare metal).
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[L]inux [E]ngine-X [M]ariaDB [P]HP Install[ER]

LEMPer stands for Linux, Engine-X (Nginx), MariaDB and PHP installer written in Bash script. This is just a small tool set (a bunch collection of scripts) that usually I use to deploy and manage Debian-based/Ubuntu LEMP stack. LEMPer is ServerPilot, CloudWays, RunCloud, and EasyEngine alternative for wide range PHP framework.

Build Status


  • Nginx from custom repository & build from source.
  • Nginx with FastCGI cache enable & disable feature.
  • Nginx pre-configured optimization for low-end VPS/cloud server. Need reliable VPS/cloud server? Get one here or here.
  • Nginx virtual host (vhost) configuration optimized for WordPress, and several PHP Framework (CodeIgniter, Symfony, Laravel, Phalcon).
  • MariaDB 10 (MySQL drop-in replacement).
  • In-memory database with Redis.
  • Memory cache with Memcached.
  • PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 from Ondrej's repository.
  • PHP-FPM sets as user running the PHP script (pool), Feel the faster Nginx with multi-user FPM like a top-notch shared hosting.
  • Zend OPcache.
  • ionCube PHP Loader.
  • SourceGuardian PHP Loader.
  • Adminer for MySQL database administration (PhpMyAdmin replacement).

Setting Up

  • Ensure you have git installed.
  • Make a copy of .env.dist to .env in the LEMPer base directory and replace the values.
  • Enter LEMPer directory.
  • Execute file.

Install Nginx, PHP & MariaDB

sudo apt-get install git
git clone -q; cd LEMPer; cp -f .env.dist .env; sudo ./ --install

Uninstall Nginx, PHP & MariaDB

sudo ./ --remove

LEMPer Command Line Administration Tool

LEMPer comes with friendly command line tool which will make your LEMP stack administration much more easier. These command line tool called Lemper CLI (lemper-cli) for creating new virtual host and managing existing LEMP stack.

lemper-cli Usage

Add/create new virtual host

sudo lemper-cli create -u username -d -f default -w /home/username/Webs/

Manage/update existing virtual host

sudo lemper-cli manage --enable-fastcgi-cache

for more help

sudo lemper-cli --help

Note: Lemper CLI will automagically add new PHP-FPM user's pool configuration if it doesn't exists.

Web-based Administration

You can access pre-installed web-based administration tools here


Adminer (SQL database management tool)


FileRun (File management tool)



  • Custom build latest Nginx from source
  • Add Let's Encrypt SSL
  • Add network security (iptable rules, firewall configurator, else?)
  • Add enhanced security (AppArmor, cgroups, jailkit (chrooted/jail users), else?)
  • Add file backup tool (Restic, Borg, Rsnapshot, else?)
  • Add database backup tool (Mariabackup, Percona Xtrabackup, else?)
  • Add server monitoring (Amplify, Monit, Nagios, else?)
  • Add your feature request here.


Please send your PR on the Github repository to help improve this script.


Do not use this script if you're looking for feature rich and advanced tool like premium service.


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(c) 2014-2019

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