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Assorted gerrit REST API based scripts
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Answer some questions to help us better understand what the challenges are in Nova today.


Q: How many rechecks does it take to merge?
  • plot over time?
  • normalize for number of revisions?
  • over the 800 most recent patches, 0.85 rechecks per patch revision
Q: How many patchsets to merge
  • 7 or 8
Q: How long to get approved?
  • support checking for specific folder, so we can compare virt vs rest.
  • Measure from first patch until approved, not merged (merging is a factor of gate issues etc.)
  • Normalize for LOC?
  • Take into account what percentage of that time we are waiting on the author to revise the patch

Q: How long does it take to get an approved patch merged in time? Q: number of reviews needed before patch is merged Q: How long do patches sit with a single +2, or permutations of that.

  • factor in number of revisions
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