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A screensaver for Flickr enthusiasts

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              A screensaver for Flickr enthusiasts

    ~ What is it?
      Flickrsaver displays photos from Flickr as a screensaver.
      It is built on Python and Clutter, and designed for Linux-based
    ~ What do I need?
      Python 2.6+ with argparse
      PyClutter 1.0.2+
      PyGTK 2.12+
    ~ How does it work?
      Flickrsaver downloads and keeps a pool of photos in ~/.cache/flickrsaver/
      Photos are shown at random, and new photos are downloaded to the pool
      every time one is shown.
    ~ Usage
      Photo sources:
       -u, --user <user_id>     Show photos from user's Photostream
       -g, --group <group_id>   Show photos from group's Photo pool
       -i, --interesting        Show interesting photos
       -s, --search <text>      Show photos matching text
      Other options:
       --info                   Show information about the photos
      If no photo sources are specified, --interesting is implied.
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