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Commits on Jan 23, 2016
  1. v0.3.0: Make when-changed cross-platform

    committed Jan 23, 2016
    Use the cross-platform watchdog API instead of Linux-only pyinotify.
    This adds support for Mac OS X, Windows, BSD, etc. Other OSes should
    also be supported via watchdog's polling fallback. Enjoy!
  2. Improve usage docstring

    committed Jan 23, 2016
  3. Ignore file created events from inotify

    committed Jan 23, 2016
    When files are created, inotify will first generate a created event
    followed by a modified event. Work around this by ignoring the file
    created event if we're using inotify.
  4. Port to watchdog portable API

    committed Jan 23, 2016
Commits on Jun 17, 2015
  1. Fix #30: Remove set of watched directories

    Johannes Jensen committed Jun 17, 2015
    pyinotify will ignore paths which already have a watch, so it's safe to
    call add_watch() multiple times for the same path.
Commits on May 2, 2015
  1. Merge pull request #29 from davejamesmiller/run-at-start

    committed May 2, 2015
    Add -s flag to run the command immediately at start
Commits on Apr 30, 2015
  1. @davejamesmiller
  2. @davejamesmiller
Commits on Mar 21, 2015
  1. @davejamesmiller
Commits on Mar 9, 2015
  1. Merge pull request #28 from mathieulongtin/master

    committed Mar 9, 2015
    Add -1 option - skip running if files changed during the previous run
Commits on Feb 25, 2015
  1. - Fix potentially faulty arg parsing

    mathieu longtin committed Feb 25, 2015
    - Make multi args command work again, it wasn't
    - Make %f useful if embedded in an arg
  2. Add -1 option. When specified, don't rerun if files are modified

    mathieu longtin committed Feb 25, 2015
    while the command is running.
Commits on Nov 22, 2014
  1. Merge pull request #27 from tessus/master

    committed Nov 22, 2014
    hide output unless verbose option (-v) is used
  2. @tessus
Commits on Nov 20, 2014
  1. Merge pull request #22 from corpix/feature/shell-true

    committed Nov 20, 2014
    Use shell invocation for convenience
Commits on Oct 17, 2014
  1. Merge pull request #23 from tsaylor/master

    committed Oct 17, 2014
    Added Linux requirement of pyinotify to the README file
  2. @tsaylor
Commits on Sep 16, 2014
  1. @corpix
Commits on Sep 4, 2014
  1. Merge pull request #20 from cwaldbieser/compat

    committed Sep 4, 2014
    Small change preserved Python v2.6 compatibility; use subprocess instead...
  2. @cwaldbieser

    Added a `requirements.txt` so anyone installing from source can `pip …

    cwaldbieser committed Sep 3, 2014
    …install -r requirements.txt`.
Commits on Sep 3, 2014
  1. @cwaldbieser

    Small change preserved Python v2.6 compatibility; use subprocess inst…

    cwaldbieser committed Sep 3, 2014
    …ead of os.system.
    With the `subprocess` module, you don't need to worry about having to quote a file name
    with spaces.
    E.g. with file '/home/carl/temp/My Obnoxious File With Spaces.txt'
      # Notice the double quoting required.
      ./when-changed -r /home/carl/temp -c /bin/ls -l '"%f"'
      # More intuitive.
      ./when-changed -r /home/carl/temp -c /bin/ls -l %f
    Also, at the recommendation of the Standard Library, use the drop-in replacement
    `subprocess32` if it is available.
Commits on May 6, 2014
  1. Merge pull request #18 from chris-martin/move_to

    committed May 6, 2014
    Also listen for move_to events
  2. @chris-martin

    Also listen for move_to events

    chris-martin committed May 6, 2014
    Some editors (namely, IntelliJ IDEA) save by writing to a temporary file
    and then moving the temporary file to replace the file being edited.
    Because when-changed wasn't listening for move events, it didn't notice
    those file replacements.
Commits on Apr 21, 2014
  1. Switch to setuptools and use install_requires

    committed Apr 21, 2014
    This fixes #17 and allows dependencies like pyinotify to be installed
Commits on Mar 28, 2014
  1. Add author_email to

    committed Mar 29, 2014
Commits on Dec 18, 2013
  1. Merge branch 'master' of git://

    Johannes H. Jensen committed Dec 18, 2013
  2. @cheecheeo
Commits on Oct 26, 2013
  1. Stick to distutils

    committed Oct 27, 2013
    It's the standard tool for python packaging
  2. @mayhewj
  3. @mayhewj
  4. @mayhewj

    Add support for Python 3

    mayhewj committed Oct 26, 2013
Commits on Sep 15, 2013
  1. Minor formatting changes

    committed Sep 16, 2013
  2. Update README for pyinotify

    committed Sep 15, 2013
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