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A simple tool for converting units.
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	Developed by Johabu <>; <>
	This file is part of unitconverter.
	unitconverter is free software; you can modify it or redistribute it 
	under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
	the Free Software Foundation <>, either version 3,
	or (at your option) any later version.
	See <> for the license, if you
	haven't received a copy of it (GNU_GPL.txt).

	unitconverter is distributed without any warranty!



==========Download and installing==========

First download the file ( or unitconverter.tar.gz) and extract the files.

	Type the following commands in a shell:
		cd /YOUR_PATH/unitconverter/
	If there are any compiler warnings, please ignore them.
	If you have done this, you can delete the *.o -files (generated by gcc) by typing
		make clean
	Now you are ready for converting!
	Compile the unitconverter.c -file


Unitconverter is a simple interactive tool for converting units. 
1.	 First you have to choose the quantity, e.g. "Area" by typing the number of the quantity.
2. 	Then you choose YOUR unit and type the short form of it. Example: You have 45 yards, so you type "yd" for "yard".
	By typing "help" the program shows you a list of available units.
3.	Now you must type the number of your unit, here 45.
4.	At last the program asks for the unit in which you want to convert your unit, e.g. "m" for "metres".
You see, this is a really simple program with great potential.

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