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Access live info from Skånetrafiken, without leaving the terminal
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An application that lets you access live info from Skånetrafiken, without leaving the terminal.


  • substantiv: ~en ~er
    • buss: ett större passagerarfordon
    • terminal: avgångs- och ankomsthall; utrustning för in- och ut­matning av data


git clone
cd bussterminal
npm install -g


Usage: bussterminal [options]

Terminal app to check departing buses/trains in Skåne


  -V, --version      output the version number
  -f, --from <FROM>  required: shows departures from FROM unless -t flag is supplied
  -t, --to   <TO>    used with -f: Shows journeys from FROM to TO
  -l, --line <LINE>  used with -f: Filters output to only include departures matching LINE
  -h, --help         output usage information

    $ bussterminal --help                   # show help
    $ bussterminal --version                # show version
    $ bussterminal -f "lund c" -t triangeln # show journeys from Lund C to Malmö Triangeln
    $ bussterminal -f lth                   # show departures from Lund LTH
    $ bussterminal -f lth -l 20             # show line 20's departures from Lund LTH

Usage demonstration

Annotated example

Journeys from Lund C to Lund LTH
19:24 → 19:31                                   # original schedule
	19:32 - 19:37:	Lund C → Lund LTH (6)   # bus is 8 minutes late
19:44 → 19:51                                   # original schedule
	19:49 - 19:56:	Lund C → Lund LTH (6)   # bus is 5 minutes late
20:04 → 20:11                                   # original schedule
	20:04 - 20:11:	Lund C → Lund LTH (6)   # bus is on time
20:24 → 20:31                                   # original schedule
	20:24 - 20:31:	Lund C → Lund LTH (6)   # bus is on time
20:44 → 20:51                                   # original schedule
	20:44 - 20:51:	Lund C → Lund LTH (6)   # bus is on time
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