A tiling window manager based on the swc library for wayland
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A wayland tiling window manager based on the swc library written in C++

It is still in heavy development, so please report bugs if you find any! :)

Special thanks to Michael Forney for his awesome work on swc, wld and velox. When i started writing zentwm i had no idea how wayland or compositors works, and i wouldn't have been able to code this without swc and wld as a base and velox as a reference.


The requirements is the latest git version of swc. After that, simply make the project. There's currently no make install in the Makefile however.


Simply run "swc-launch $PATH_TO_ZENTWM"


swc-launch -- valgrind ./zentwm

swc-launch -- gdb -batch -ex run ./zentwm

General ToDo

  • Add support for hooks at specific events
  • Replacing some pointer arguments to references for stability
  • Make floating windows float above all tiling windows
  • Properly implement WINDOW_BACKGROUND

Low priority ToDo

  • Configuration
  • Multimonitor


How do i change keyboard layout?

You change the keyboard layout with setxkbmap

How do i change keybindings?

It's currently only possible by modifying the config.cpp file and recompiling.

I know, a parsed configfile would be nice but it's boring work to code.