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emile.js is a no-thrills stand-alone CSS animation JavaScript framework, named after Émile Cohl, early animator.
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Stand-alone CSS animation JavaScript mini-framework

  • Doesn't need a JavaScript framework
  • Full set of CSS properties for animation (length-based and colors)
  • Easing and callbacks
  • Less than 50 lines of code

Get updates on Twitter:

Also see the video of my presentation at Fronteers 2009:

Targeted platforms

Émile currently targets the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows, version 6.0 and higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and higher
  • Apple Safari 2.0.4 and higher
  • Opera 9.25 and higher
  • Chrome 1.0 and higher


One method:

emile(element, style, options, after)


  • element (id | element) - element to which the animation will be applied
  • style (String) - style which will be applied after the animation is finished
    • for some properties you'll need to define defaults on your page's css
  • options (Object) - optional; the following options are available
    • duration (Number) - duration of the animation in milliseconds
    • after (Function) - a function which will be executed after the animation is finished
    • easing (Function) - easing function for the animation. Receives one argument pos which indicates position in time between animation's start and end
  • after (Function) - optional; a callback that will be excuted after everything is done (in addition to options.after)


Émile is is licensed under the terms of the MIT License, see the included MIT-LICENSE file. Émile borrows its name fromÉmile_Cohl.

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