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Personal Chatbot for Facebook Messenger using NodeJS, and Wit-AI.
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Personal Chatbot Resume

Personal Facebook Messenger Chatbot created using Artificial Intelligence software, Heroku Node.Js server, and Facebook's developer console. Chatbot can be accessed through my personal website at


This chatbot was designed to autonomously assist recruiters viewing my personal resume website. It serves to answer basic questions about my experience, hobbies, personal projects, autonomously without my involvement. By using open-source artificial intelligence software the javascript code can detect the user's intentions with confidence.

Tools Used

Future Enhancements:

For the future, it is recommended that the index.js code is tidied up. This can be done by creating JSON files for each of the intents as well as for each "type" entity such as the "job_type" entity. This would allow the code to be seperate from the data used to power the bot and removes unnecessary code clutter.

Additionally, the chatbot can always be improved using more AI training and extra intents and keywords.

How to's:

How to enable facebook page with a Facebook App:

After creating both a facebook page ( and a facebook app (through the developer console), they must be linked using the following command. Command for enabling page with app: curl -X POST ""

How to set an environment variable in Heroku:

Setting env variable in heroku: heroku config:set FB_PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN=

Heroku env variable can be accessed in code through: let envVar = process.env.FB_PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN;

How to change the Facebook greeting shown when first opening messenger conversation:

Change Greeting: curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{ "greeting": [ { "locale":"default", "text":"Hi, Welcome to Johan Cornelissen'''s personal chat bot. Type a phrase like "What can you tell me about Johan?" to get started." }, { "locale":"en_US", "text":"Hi, Welcome to Johan Cornelissen'''s personal chat bot. Type a phrase like "What can you tell me about Johan?" to get started." } ] }' ""

How to set the post-back payload when the "Get Started" button is pressed in Messenger

Get Started Button: curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{ "get_started": {"payload": "test payload"} }' ""


  • Johan Cornelissen
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