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PXLfont-rf.fnt: PXLfont88665b-RF2.3-C64sys
PXLfont-rf-DA.fnt: Ozmoo version of PXLfont88665b-RF2.3-C64sysDA
PXLfont-rf-DE.fnt: Ozmoo version of PXLfont88665b-RF2.3-C64sysDE
PXLfont-rf-ES.fnt: Ozmoo version of PXLfont88665b-RF2.3-C64sysES
PXLfont-rf-FR.fnt: Ozmoo version of PXLfont88665b-RF2.3-C64sysFR
PXLfont-rf-IT.fnt: Ozmoo version of PXLfont88665b-RF2.3-C64sysIT
PXLfont-rf-SV.fnt: Ozmoo version of PXLfont88665b-RF2.3-C64sysSV
This font was created by Retrofan ( It may
be freely used with the Z-code interpreter Ozmoo, including embedding the font
in games built with Ozmoo. For any other usage, you must first get permission
by the author. A verbatim copy of this copyright notice must be distributed
with any games which include this font.
If you use this font in a game, you must also include credits for the font,
stating the name of the font as well as the creator of the font. We strongly
suggest you include these credits both in the docs / game distribution and
somewhere within the game (Some games print "Type ABOUT for information about
the game." or something to that effect as the game starts).