All the boilerplate you need to get started with writing grpc-gateway powered REST services in Go
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All the boilerplate you need to get started with writing grpc-gateway powered REST services in Go


Generating the files requires the protoc protobuf compiler. Please install it according to the installation instructions for your specific platform.

Getting started

After cloning the repo, there are a couple of initial steps;

  1. Install the generate dependencies with make install. This will install protoc-gen-go, protoc-gen-grpc-gateway, protoc-gen-swagger and statik which are necessary for us to generate the Go, swagger and static files.
  2. If you forked this repo, or cloned it into a different directory from the github structure, you will need to correct the import paths. Here's a nice find one-liner for accomplishing this (replace with your cloned repo path):
    $ find . -path ./vendor -prune -o -type f \( -name '*.go' -o -name '*.proto' \) -exec sed -i -e "s;;;g" {} +
  3. Finally, generate the files with make generate. If you encounter an error here, make sure you've installed protoc and it is accessible in your $PATH, and make sure you've performed step 1.

Now you can run the web server with go run main.go.

Making it your own

The next step is to define the interface you want to expose in proto/example.proto. See tutorials and guides on writing protofiles.

Once that is done, regenerate the files using make generate. This will mean you'll need to implement any functions in server/server.go, or else the build will fail since your struct won't be implementing the interface defined by the generated file in proto/example.pb.go.

This should hopefully be all you need to get started playing around with the gRPC-Gateway!