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Post a message on a Facebook group's wall when somebody does a push
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In a project we have this private Facebook group for random links and notifications. Instead of sending annoying e-mails to every group member whenever somebody makes a git push to our GitHub repo, I created a simple service that posts post receive hook information to that Facebook group's wall instead.


The service is a simple Sinatra server which uses the Koala gem for Facebook's Graph API.

Download this web service and install dependencies (uses Bundler).

git clone git://
cd github-facebook-hook
bundle install

You need a Facebook app and an "Access Token" in order to post with the Graph API. Read more in the Authentication info at Facebook. I recommend scanning through some Facebook API reference as well.

A neat way of generating an Access Token is to visit Facebook's Graph API Explorer and generate from there. Note that the access token seem to have very short expiration time – I currently have to regenerate it every 2 hours or so. I'll investigate.

When you have your token, add it to keys-sample.rb and rename that file to keys.rb.

module Keys
    ACCESS_TOKEN = "<your token here>"

Be sure to change the require in app.rb to require "./keys" instead of keys-sample.

Check that everything works.

ruby app.rb
open http://localhost:4567

You should see a "Nothing here" text.

Now create a free Heroku app to host the web service (if you have another server, skip this step).

heroku create <appname> --stack cedar
git remote add heroku<appname>.git

Add the access token as a Heroku environment variable.

heroku config:add FB_ACCESS_TOKEN=<your token>

When that's done, grab the URL to your Heroku app (something like http://<appname>

Next, go the the GitHub repo you want to watch, and choose "Admin" > "Webhooks & Services" > "Add webhooks". Add the URL to your Heroku app and append /facebook.


Press "Update Settings".


Whenever somebody pushes to the GitHub repo, your web service on Heroku will receive a POST request, and pass that along to a Facebook group's wall with the Graph API. Neat, eh?

Stuff I should do

  • Make the tool more general and ready almost out-of-the-box. Don't make it involve that many steps.
  • Support not only group walls, but user and friends' walls as well, perhaps with different routes.
  • Better handling of access token.
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