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# Before executing this script, generate the javadoc files into pcdoc
# find out the current branch so we know where to switch back
OLD_BRANCH=`git branch --no-color | sed -e '/^[^*]/d' -e 's/* \(.*\)/\1/'`
# Clean old stuff
rm -rf docs/pcdoc/*
# Build Javadoc from build file
ant -buildfile javadoc.xml || exit $?
git checkout gh-pages || exit $?
# Clear out the old files: (files which will be served)
echo "Clean old docs ..."
rm -rf docs/javadoc/*
# Replace them with new files and commit them:
echo "Copying new files and comitting ..."
cp -R -p docs/pcdoc/* docs/javadoc \
&& git add docs/javadoc \
&& git commit -a -m "Generated Javadoc"
#Remove the generated doc
echo "Clean generated docs ..."
rm -rf docs/pcdoc/*
echo "Pushing to GitHub gh-pages branch ..."
git push -f origin gh-pages || exit $?
# Switch back to the old branch
git checkout $OLD_BRANCH || exit $?
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