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For course TDA367 at Chalmers University of Technology
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Frank the Tank

A wave based 2D zombie shooter with portals, written in Java

Frank the Tank

Frank the Tank is an eight week project where we're building a 2D game from the ground up. That is: no graphics libraries or frameworks – we're writing all the rendering code ourselves.

The goal is to create a simple game yet with stunning gameplay and beautiful retro pixel graphics. Know Mojang's Catacomb Snatch? If you are – well, there you go.

Game play

The game will feature a map with boundaries where the player start out. Enemies ("Walkers") will spawn in waves, and it's the player's task to clear (kill) all the Walkers in each wave, and … survive.

As a help, the player has a couple of neat things:

  • A badass machine gun
  • A sneaky sword
  • A couple of really hurtful grenades
  • A Portal Gun!


For relevant course related documents, please check the docs directory.

Related projects

Supporting code.

We are

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